World Book Day

World Book Day

World Book Day is on Thursday 7th March, however Phase 2 are all on a trip to the Barbican Centre for most of the day, so we will all be celebrating World Book Day as a phase on Friday 8th March. We will still be taking part in all the fun activities planned for the rest of the school.

Dressing up

As in previous years, each class will be dressing up as a character from their class ‘Power of Reading’ book. So that all children can be included in this, we will be making a costume to wear in class, but children may bring in something additional to wear for their character.

Year 1 will be celebrating ‘The Lonely Beast’ by Chris Judge which we read in the Autumn term. We will be making a lonely beast mask and stripy tie in class, but children can also come in wearing black/dark coloured clothes to go with their mask if they would like to.

We look forward to a fun day celebrating sharing stories. For fun ideas and activities to do at home, have a look on the World Book Day website at

Trip to the Spinney

1K will be visiting the Spinney on Thursday 28th February in the afternoon. Please send your child to school with a bag of appropriate clothing and shoes to get changed into. Hopefully this weather will still be with us!



Paper Mosaic Collages

This week we created our own paper mosaic collages based on ‘The Snail and the Whale’. We started off by sketching a whale, thinking carefully about the amount of pressure we put on the paper. Next, we finalised the shape of the whale and then started to collage it using different types of blue paper. Finally, we added newspaper around the whale to represent the sea.

What was your favourite part of the process? What did you do to make sure the paper stayed inside the lines of the whale?


We have been learning about materials and their properties. We had a selection of objects on our tables and sorted them based on their properties. We worked together as a team and used lots of spoken language to discuss the materials and their properties. Can you think of any materials that are hard or soft? Did you learn any new words when sorting the objects?

Compassion and Selflesness

Compassion and selflessness are our SMSC values this term. We have been thinking about what these words mean and how we can be compassionate and selfless. Can you think of any examples of when you have been compassionate or selfless? What might you do this week to be compassionate or selfless?

It’s Panto Time…(Oh No It Isn’t!)

For this year’s end of term production of Aladdin, Year 1 are singing ‘We Need a Better Plan’ to the tune of Eurovision entry ‘Dschinghis Khan’! Please keep practising the song at home!

The music and words are below.


Parents and Carers, we hope you enjoy having this tune in your head for the next few weeks! Tickets for Aladdin are available in the school office, see the newsletter for dates and times.


The whole school have been thinking about how mindfulness can help us to learn and feel relaxed and positive at school.

We have practised some mindfulness activities in class to help us feel calm and focused and helping our minds feel less busy.

Try the ‘5-Finger Breathing’ technique in this video and see how you feel.

How does concentrating on your breathing make you feel?

When could mindfulness help you?

Leave your ideas in the comments below!


This week we have been learning about our senses. We all took part in a senses experiment where we tasted and smelt food, listened to music, felt different materials and used a magnifying glass to find specific things in a picture. Here are some photos!

Can you think of ways that you have used your senses today? It could have been when you were waiting for your lunch in the dinner hall or things that you felt in the playground. Which sense do you think is the most useful and why? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

100 Acts of Kindness

This week is Anti-Bullying Week and to take a stand against bullying and promote kindness, Clapham Manor is having a competition! Which class can complete the most acts of kindness? To log our acts of kindness we have a display in our classrooms and we are all trying to reach 100 acts of kindness.

Here is our display:

Can we fill up all 100 squares by the end of the week? Of course we can!

How have you been kind this week?

What are you going to do to spread the kindness?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!